Baoli participate in Carrera Panamericana 2014

23 / 11 / 2014
Last month Baoli’s agents have an important race in Mexico called “Carrera Panamericana 2014”, and is one of the longest races in Mexico, it begins on the south of Mexico (Veracruz State) and cross all over the country until the Northern part (Durango State). In our effort to introduce BAOLI′s brand all over the country, we have a team in this race that is followed for many important people in Mexico. Also The competitors aren′t local only, we have Swiss, French, Belgium, South America competitors and is a good opportunity to introduce the BAOLI brand. Some of the competitors are top managers of very important worldwide companies. Baoli forklift match-ups as the sponsor, hold live audience eyeballs from around the world.
The End
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